Ken Clark Formally Appointed as Calais Fire/EMS Chief

City Manager Jim Porter congratulates new full-time Fire Chief Ken Clark on his appointment. Several members of the Calais Fire/EMS crew were there to support him. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


On Thursday, May 10th, the Calais City Council filled the position of full time chief for the Calais Fire/EMS. The position, which was previously vacated by Robert Posick, was filled in the interim by Ken Clark. At Thursday’s meeting, the council appointed Clark as the permanent Fire/EMS Chief for the City of Calais.

Clark has been a firefighter for 41 years and, over the course of those years, he has held every position within the department. In addition to being a firefighter, Clark is a certified CPR and EMT instructor and a State-level fire instructor. According to City Manager Jim Porter, with Clark’s appointment, he will become the 30th Fire Chief since the city was incorporated.

“We’ve been lucky as a community to have so many good chiefs along the line and this is just another example of what our tradition is,” said Councilor Artie Mingo.

With the presence of the Fire/EMT staff, the council also ratified the Ambulance and Fire Union contract. The ratification was unanimous and Porter thanked both unions for their hard work.

The council was presented with three acquired properties that had been sent out to bid but received no bids in the process. After consideration and discussion, the council agreed to put the three properties out to bid again with some changes in the process. Two would see a reduction in price while the third would go out without a minimum bid requirement.

The council approved an abatement request for the former Tourist Information building in the amount of $2,169. The cause of the issue seemed to be a pipe that had frozen and broken and gone unnoticed. The council was assured at the meeting that issue had been resolved.

During roundtable, several citizens expressed their concern with the large deer population within city limits. Most of the concern centered around the deer eating the plants in people’s yards. Many had plants they spent large amounts of money on while others were concerned with the deer eating the plants that provided a bit of privacy to their yard. The council recommended the issue to the Public Safety committee for review and recommendation. The public is welcome to attend and express any concerns they might have and hear the options being considered. At this time, no date for this meeting has been set. For more information contact the city building.

With a unanimous vote, the council authorized the purchase of an early 1980s grader by the Public Works Department. The grader would allow for the department to take better care of the build up on the roads in the winter and to maintain the dump road. The council authorized $15,500 to come from the undesignated fund balance. Public Works Director Skeet Seelye said that the grader would require a little bit of minor maintenance, but that is all. The grader is located in New Hampshire and will have to be transported to Calais.

The City Council will hold a budget meeting on Wednesday evening, May 16 at 6 p.m. at the City Building. The next council meeting will be held on May 24 at 6 p.m., during which there will be a public hearing on a $1,100,000 bond for a Palmer Street water and sewer project. The council was assured that at this meeting this project would not cause any increase to the Waste Water Budget or increase the rates. The public is encouraged to attend and ask questions or voice concerns.

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