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Letter To The Editor - Wheelock

What a huge injustice to the community the administration of Calais Regional Hospital is responsible for! We live in a area of the world that needs more from a hospital than an area that has multiple choices of health care. Not less. And the whole situation has a bad smell. Why is it such a secret the reason that Dr. Bob was not allowed to remain at the hospital? We need to be informed.

AOS#77 School Board Meeting Results

By Amy Jeanroy

Thursday, May 9, the AOS#77 School Board met at Perry Elementary School. After a call to order, pledge of allegiance and moment of silence, the meeting began.
Minutes were approved and public comments were taken. The first public comment pertained to the timing of AOS notices being published.
Public comments and questions were as follows:

St. Croix No. 1 Firehouse Association’s Meeting

The St. Croix No. 1 Firehouse Association’s regular monthly meeting was recently held with 19 in attendance.  The members and guests enjoyed a potluck supper before getting to business with Dick Barnard presiding.  Anyone is welcome to become a member of the group, with help needed in many different areas depending on one’s interest.  For more information, St. Croix No.


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