WABI TV Comes to Baileyville

Lynn Lawless


It was announced at the February 11th town meeting that WABI TV would be in Baileyville on Valentine’s Day to report on Fuel the Love.  Fuel the Love is a program of the Maine Energy Marketers Association.  On Valentine’s Day, some residents who receive their oil from the VL Tammaro company had their oil tanks topped off for free.  VL Tammaro company chose several local customers and delivered enough fuel to top off their tanks at no charge.  WABI TV was contacted and was delighted to cover this generous gesture.

 Town Manager Chris Loughlin reported at the February 11th town meeting that work is progressing quickly on getting broadband set up in Baileyville.  The plan is to be able to start hooking people up to broadband in Baileyville starting as soon as April.  While this will not be a free service, it will hopefully be less expensive and considerably faster than anything currently available. This will be of special interest to local gamers and those residents who rely on their computer for entertainment as movies and videos will stream without lag time.  More information will be shared as it is available. 

 Woodland Recreation Director Mike Boies reported that all is going well with the rec department and that some of the Baileyville basketball games are now available on YouTube on the Woodland Recreation Dept. Facebook page.

 Town Manager Chris Loughlin announced that he has been to Orono for Town Meeting and Elections Training.  He will be attending again in May and with this training will be able to assist in the balloting procedures at election time.

At the January 28th meeting a voluntary road toll was approved for the American Legion Post #23.  This poll will be on June 20, 2019.

Also at that meeting, it was reported that the deadline for nomination papers for the March 25, 2019, Town Elections has closed.  Both Councilor Tim Call and Carl Ripley returned their papers to run for another three-year term. 

Councilor Acacia Emery presented plans for the new terminal building that will be built with grant money that the Princeton Regional Airport funded.  Construction should start sometime in April or May.

Town Manager Loughlin also shared that it is the intent of the Legislature at this time to fully fund revenue sharing.  This could mean that the town would see an increase of approximately $60,000.   

Letters were sent out in the mail to residents of the Chase and Bear Cove Roads advising that a meeting with residents was scheduled for February 12th to discuss the town’s role in plowing and sanding those private ways.