Pie in the Face Raises Funds for Local Causes

Jamie Thigpen and Bob Fitzsimmons boldly accepted their Pies in the Face, courtesy of the students of Calais Middle High School. Both the Addison Coty Memorial Scholarship and the Mike Milburn Memorial Scholarship will receive $850 from funds raised for the event. (Photo courtesy of Kati Grass)

After rallying the community to raise funds for several local causes, two clear winners emerged: Jamie Thigpen, who was supporting the Addison Coty Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Bob Fitzsimmons, supporter of the Mike Milburn Memorial Scholarship. Thigpen and her cause raised close to $1,000 while Fitzsimmons raised $657.

Addison’s mother, Angela Coty Demmons, opted to divide the funds raised between the two causes. Both funds will be receiving a check for $850 each from the Calais Middle High School Student Council.

As the winners, Thigpen and Fitzsimmons both received a pie in the face in celebration.