Downeast Fishing Lunatics Focuses on Family Fun

Enjoying their day at Bear Cove are Audrina Moore, Addi Kneeland, and Kylee Pelletier, each of whom joined the Downeast Fishing Lunatics on Sunday, February 17th for a round of ice fishing. (Submitted photo)

By Lura Jackson


Among the many exceptional recreational opportunities afforded to the residents of Downeast Maine is year-round fishing. To celebrate and share in that reality – and to counter pathways to unhealthy habits – Downeast Fishing Lunatics has been actively organizing and coordinating public events.

Downeast Fishing Lunatics was first created on Facebook in October of 2017 by a group of “like-minded people passionate about fishing,” explains Joshua Seavey, who was one of the founders. One of the key guiding factors in creating the group on Facebook was to keep it completely positive and to avoid the negativity that can be generated on the platform.

“We decided that going family-friendly and gearing towards kids would be a good route,” Seavey said. “Try to set a good example.”

For Seavey, creating a family-oriented fishing group had many purposes that unfolded as the group became a reality. “In the back of my mind was the fact that I had lost several childhood friends in the last few years to drug addiction. I feel that many times people make poor decisions out of boredom and the lack of the ability to say no.”

Seavey decided to act on his concerns and learned about how to get involved with Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs, a program offered by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. He enrolled and completed the online training to share it with the group. “Now I have the ability to take a part of my life I really enjoy and try to make a difference,” Seavey said. “If nothing more than keeping a few kids off the Xbox for a few hours a day every now and then.”

Since forming, Downeast Fishing Lunatics has grown to 1,700 members, the large majority of whom live locally. The group is active online and averages three posts based around the topic of fishing a day.

Aside from providing general advice and guidance related to the sport and the fishing seasons in Maine, Seavey and his co-organizers plan events for the community throughout the year. Most recently, the group met at Bear Cove for a round of ice fishing.

There is currently a day event planned at Pleasant Lake on Saturday, February 23rd and another is planned in March with the date to be determined by ice conditions. Per Seavey, events are always planned and announced on Downeast Fishing Lunatics Facebook page at least two weeks in advance.

The group can be found by searching for Downeast Fishing Lunatics on Facebook or by going directly to