Baileyville Adds Second Bus Run to Alleviate Overcrowding

By Lynn Lawless

Baileyville Elementary Principal Amanda Belanger reported at the committee’s February 5th meeting that the busses are overcrowded on the return trips in the afternoon.  She states that is unacceptable and she will not put our children’s health at risk in this manner.  To alleviate this problem, one bus will be doing a double run, dropping off children in town first then returning to the school to pick up the remainder of the children.  This change is expected to only add about a fifteen-minute delay to the end of day drop-off schedule.  When asked about the morning run, she said that more children are dropped off in the morning thus avoiding the problem on those runs.

Holly Adams asked for approval for accommodations to be paid for the cheerleading team when they go to their tournament on Saturday.  The athletes must be in Augusta by eight-thirty meaning they would have to be on the road between five and five-thirty in the morning.  With the early hour and unknown road conditions, she feels it may be unsafe for the students to travel that early and would like the department to approve the expense of hotel accommodations for them to go up on Friday night.  After some discussion, a vote was taken, and the expense was approved.

Darlene Bassett will be visiting the Elementary school on February 7th and 8th to observe and give help with integrating the reading program purchased last year into the Richardson Framework.  Students continue to make gains according to the data the Maine DOE is giving.  Currently, 32 percent of the students meet the reading standard.  The goal they are striving for is 80 percent.

Al Pfeiffer will be coaching the Elementary school teachers on the best way to spend professional development funds for the best results in the math department.  These funds are limited in their uses and may be used for materials, training, or hiring a math coach.

The Elementary school is well on their way to meeting their goal of $10,000 for new equipment for the playground this year.  They are hoping to add two new pieces of equipment.  If anyone would like to help, they can contact the school at 427-3882.  Also, donations of cans and bottles can be dropped off at the Baileyville Redemption Center.  When you drop off your bottles let them know you want to donate the money towards the WES Playground Fund.

WES Yearbooks can be purchased online this year at  The yearbook ID code is 13547919.  Yearbooks cost $12 each.

Chris Sandy and his team from Choices Matter delivered a powerful presentation on drunk driving at the high school.  The presentation was well received by the students.  Pictures of the event have been posted to the high school Facebook page.

Five students have enrolled in a for-college-credit Introduction to Psychology class.  Ms. Janice Rice will be instructing this course and students will receive credit in both high school and towards college when they attend.

January marks the close of the seventh month of the operating year for Baileyville schools.  Accounts are well within the expected level of expenditure.  With 58.3% of the year passed only 53.06% of the budget has been used.


With no further business, the next meeting was set for Thursday, February 28th at 5:30 with a policy council meeting preceding it at 4:30, and the meeting was adjourned.