Home Delivery Workers Sought to Continue Award-Winning Initiative

Shane DelMonaco accepted the role of paperboy for The Calais Advertiser with enthusiasm in 2017. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson

In the summer 2017, The Calais Advertiser started a new initiative to return paperboys to the streets of Calais. Young workers willing and able to deliver newspapers every week to the neighborhoods of Calais were sought.

The initiative to return paperboys to the city streets was successful and one paperboy in particular - Shane DelMonaco - embraced the task with gusto. DelMonaco, now a student at Calais High School, operated his own school newspaper in elementary school and champions the cause of local newspapers.

The unique nature of the initiative and its success led to The Calais Advertiser receiving a 1st place award from the Maine Press Association for marketing and circulation in October of 2018. 

Now, for 2019, The Calais Advertiser is seeking to cover more streets by recruiting paperboys and papergirls that would be interested in delivering newspapers every week to the people of the community, street by street. 

A paper route helps develop responsibility, self-reliance and self-determination skills along with serving the public, an important business skill.  It also provides a young person a foundation for a good work ethic that will serve them for a lifetime.


An information session will be held at the newspaper office in early February.  If interested in a paper route, please email your name, age, address and telephone number to the publisher at pierre@thecalaisadvertiser.com.