Bangor Police Catch Bank Robber After Two Heists

Police utilized security footage to locate Timothy Myers after he allegedly robbed two banks in Bangor. (Bangor police photo)

By Lura Jackson

Police in Bangor successfully located and arrested Timothy Myers, 27, after two bank robberies within a week’s time. Myers initially robbed TD Bank on Stillwater Avenue on December 21st and successfully evaded authorities before hitting KeyBank near the Bangor Mall on December 26th. Myers was arrested the same evening. On Friday, a judge set his bail at $50,000.

According to the Bangor police affidavit presented to the judge, Myers stole a combined total of $1,500 from the banks. He did not appear to brandish a weapon but instead, in both cases, handed a teller a note indicating that he would shoot if he did not receive money. Upon receiving the money, he left without incident.

Police were unable to track down Myers using a K-9 unit after he allegedly fled on foot from KeyBank but successfully located him using security footage that showed Myers entering a brown sedan, the affidavit reads. The owner of the sedan had driven their son, Myers, and other individuals to Bangor on the 26th, during which time Myers casually performed the KeyBank robbery without the driver or the other passengers being aware of what he was doing.  

After locating the owner of the sedan, police were able to track Myers, who is not listed as having any residence, to a Hampton Inn in Ellsworth. He confessed and claimed to have already spent the bulk of the money.


Myers was previously charged with theft in 2014 and then again in 2018. He also has been charged in Massachusetts for an assault with a dangerous weapon.