CHS Drama Production Shines

The CHS Drama play “Model Students” was a huge success at its two showings last Sunday and Tuesday. All the actors did an outstanding job performing way above their age. The ages ranged from 8th grade to seniors. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

High school can be a tough time for many kids while they try to find where they belong and figure out which high school stereotype they fit. As much as we want our students to break away from being boxed in by these stereotypes, it happens every day. The Calais High School Drama Program put on a play that looks at these models and what happens when students are free to choose who they want to be. 

“Model Students” is a play by Kendra Thomas performed by the CHS Drama program with a special production arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc. The play looks at the different high school stereotypes that many have become accustomed to: girls shouldn’t be good at games that are traditionally male-dominated, jocks date cheerleaders, and all the other boxes in which teenagers are grouped. In her play, Thomas looks at what happens when model students break free from their assigned stereotypes and get the opportunity to be themselves. 

It has only been a year or so since the drama program came back to the halls of Calais High School and already the program is showing how much something like this was needed in the school. The second big production of the program came across like a well-seasoned troupe with students of all ages shining in their roles. 

Eighth-grader Sofia Clark dominated the stage as Michaela acting as a primary character in the story but also a narrator of sorts. She displayed acting capability that shows promise of future achievements. Another standout was Sontee Edwards who delivered a resonating performance. All the actors did amazing work that had the audience laughing and admiring the work they did on the stage. 

Through donations at the play, the club was able to raise just over $900 which will go toward the entrance fees and hotel costs for the students to attend the Drama Festival. 


The Calais Drama program has come very far in the year since it’s reemergence at Calais High School and has brought enjoyment to students and community members alike. The Drama Club is hard at work on their next performance which will be at the Statewide Drama Festival in early March.