Meet Kaileigh Deacon: A Local Novelist Sheds Light on her Craft

By Lura Jackson

One of the more frequent bylines in this publication is that of Kaileigh Deacon – but more than being a freelance journalist, the Calais High School graduate is also a prolific fiction writer that has self-published several novels through Amazon. With November being national novel writing month, it seemed like the perfect time to catch up with Kaileigh and ask her some questions about her trade.

How did your interest in writing begin?

“I think my interest in stories started at birth, and writing grew from there. Both my parents are avid readers so that kind of rubbed off on me. My dad would tell us stories he made up at bedtime, rather than reading from a book and my mom would write children’s stories and make up songs. So, from the time I could hold a pencil I started creating my own. There’s something about watching the words and the story take shape on the page that’s very exciting.”

• When did you know that you wanted to be a novelist?

“I’m not really sure I knew I wanted to be a novelist. I knew I wanted to write and that no matter what else I did, I wanted to write. But when I was thirteen or so, I read a book that had been written by someone who was my age. I thought to myself: ‘If someone my age can publish a book, maybe I can do the same thing.’”

What kind of stories do you enjoy reading and writing the most?

“Everything I read, and I’ll write anything. As long as there is a good story and strong characters, I’m interested. I read everything from sci-fi to young adult and have written just about all of them as well. I enjoy challenging myself in my writing and trying things I haven’t done before. Most of what I’ve written is mystery or regular fiction. I enjoy writing stories and books that people can relate to or connect to in some way.”

 • Where do you find your inspiration?

“Anywhere, everywhere. I like to wander antique stores and look at what’s there and get inspiration from pieces that are for sale. I also get a lot of inspiration from people. I can overhear a line someone says or see a facial expression and then an idea comes to me. Inspiration strikes everywhere, and I have made notes with ideas on everything from receipts to napkins to my hand.”

 • How many novels have you written?

“I currently have five short story collections for sale on Amazon for both Kindle and in paperback. Unpublished as of right now, I have five completed novels and several more started.”

 • Can you describe some of your novels or series?

“My published short story collections that I have published are all connected and part of a series that centers around a woman who owns an antique store in coastal Maine. She learns that when she touches certain pieces she goes back to when it belonged to someone. Each short story is a different object and a different story. I have also written a young adult book about a future where there are no books and everyone is educated through a microchip in their brain. One girl breaks away from the norm and finds that some people still have books and the government isn’t being completely honest with its citizens. I’ve also written a young adult fantasy novel about a teenager who finds that she belongs in another world and she is a princess. The entire fate of her magical home from the machines that threaten to take over rests in her hands.”

• Are there any milestones or goals you’ve hit or are aiming for that you’d like to share?


“Seeing my book on Amazon for the first time was amazing and getting that first hard copy in the mail was one of the most humbling things ever. I would love to get a book published the old-fashioned way with a publishing house.”