Council Approves Economic Development Loan

By Kaileigh Deacon

At Thursday’s City Council meeting the council heard a presentation from Cal Jeanroy about his request for an Economic Development Loan in the amount of $60,000. The loan would go toward finishing a combined coffee shop, restaurant and brewery which he plans to open in the old J.D. Thomas building on Main Street. 

Jeanroy explained that the project is getting close to completion, and the $60,000 he is requesting would go toward purchasing the remaining equipment and the final bits of construction needed to be done in order to get the doors open. Jeanroy told the council that he has committed $165,000 of his own money into the project so far and just needed a little help completing the final stages. 

“I figure I can be open in 60 days. All the federal licensing is in place,” Jeanroy said. 

The council discussed the possibility of loaning Jeanroy the money and what it would entail. The city was concerned with making sure that they would be covered in the event of trouble with the loan. The city talked about the possibility of placing UCC filing on the equipment at the shop and then a channel mortgage just to protect themselves. 

The city agreed for the loan to be distributed as the bills and expenses for the project came in, up to the requested $60,000. They also allowed for the loan repayment to be deferred for five months, until May 1.

“Let’s get this open,” Mayor Billy Howard said. 

The city also looked into writing off personal property taxes and water bills, some of which should have been written off some time ago. One such item was Burger King’s personal property. When the establishment declared bankruptcy the city was unable to collect on the personal property. The city council voted to write-off all the items because they would be unable to collect. 

City Manager Jim Porter also talked to the City Council about a property by Tim Horton’s. There had been some legal issues with the property which prevented the new property owners from tearing the building down. Porter brought to the council the option of writing off the taxes on the building only which come to $159.39. The council agreed unanimously. 

With Porter’s last day approaching, there are some things that need to be resolved prior to that day. One was the appointment to the Washington County Council of Governments. Porter recommended that the council make the suggestion of appointing Theresa Porter and Billy Howard. The council unanimously agreed to the appointments. 

The Public Works Department told the council that everything has been ordered for the loader’s wing and plow attachments and they are in the process of ensuring everything gets connected.  


The city council won’t meet again until December. They are working on the process for interviewing candidates for the city manager position.