Karen Delaney Expands Dentistry Practices

Dr. Delaney was especially happy to welcome World War II Veteran Gerald Bouchard to Katahdin Family Dental, where she and Therese Deveau ensured his smile would stay bright. Bouchard was in Germany when the Berlin wall went up, and Delaney was there when it came down. (Facebook photo)

By Lura Jackson


Just over three years ago, Dr. Karen Delaney took over the dentistry practice of Dr. William Gould in Calais in an effort to continue providing services to one of the neediest areas in the country. Now, after significantly improving her Calais-based practice, she has expanded once more, this time to East Millinocket, where she has purchased Katahdin Family Dental to keep its doors from closing.

“It was the same situation that brought me to Calais,” Delaney said. “I had heard that Dr. Gould was retiring and just going to close the practice. I just felt like I had an opportunity to serve the community in both situations.”  

A skilled dental surgeon originally from Germany, Delaney was previously based in Texas before coming to Washington County on account of its high need. At the time, Maine was second in the nation for lack of adequate dental services, and within the state, Washington County was at the top of the list. Since arriving, she has turned her Calais-based practice into one of the most modern facilities in the state.

Delaney and her husband, Lloyd, have a camp in the East Millinocket area, which is how they heard that Katahdin Family Dental was going to be closing its doors once its primary dentist retired. “Since we visit the area regularly, it seemed like the right thing to do to keep the practice going,” Delaney explained.

By stepping in to purchase the practice, Delaney preserved three jobs – a dental hygienist, dental assistant, and front office team member – along with access to critical dental services. Delaney will offer nearly all of the same services at Katahdin Family Dental as she does in her full-service Calais office, with the exception of root canals and dental implants.

Patients that are already familiar with Delaney’s Calais office are welcome to come to Katahdin Family Dental as well. Delaney works at Katahdin Family Dental on occasional Tuesdays and every Friday, meaning her new schedule won’t interfere with her ability to see patients in Calais, she explained.


Katahdin Family Dental can be reached at 746-9353. Their website is online at www.katahdinfamilydental.com.