Ellen Look Receives Award of Excellence in Long Term Care

Ellen Look receives her award from acting DHHS Commissioner Bethany Hamm in Augusta. (Submitted photo)

John (Jake) and Rhonda Chambers are the owners of Adult Family Care Homes of Maine, which started in Calais in 1999 and has expanded into Robbinston, Eastport, Bucksport, Frankfort and Pittsfield, bringing the current total to nine homes in four counties in Eastern and Central Maine. The Chambers recommended their General Manager, Ellen Look, to be considered as a recipient of the Excellence in Long Term Care Award through the Maine Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.

Caring for our elderly community members in a way that enables them to continue to embrace their independence while similarly receiving close-at-hand support is important to both the elderly individuals concerned and their family members.

Rhonda Chambers states, “Ellen has been a great employee from the day that she started six years ago. Ellen came to us with no background in this field and she worked her way up through the company starting as a caregiver. She is a quick study and we recognized that early on and asked that she come into the office-end of things to do billing and records-keeping. She mastered that and then moved into her current position as our General Manager, overseeing all of our homes and 70 staff. Ellen has a passion for the elderly and goes out of her way to see that all of their needs are met each and every day. That is why we recommended her for this award.”


Ellen is one of only 22 individuals that received this award, and one of two from Washington County. The awards ceremony took place at the Blair House in Augusta on Sept. 18th.