Calais Library Looking to Make Improvements

The Friends of the Calais Free Library met with the Library Trustees and members of the City to present the Trustees with a check for $9,000 to go toward work that the Trustees and the Library hope to complete in the children's section of the building. Pictured is Librarian Sally Moir, Ted Carter from the Friends of the Library, City Manager Jim Porter, Librarian Joyce Garland, and Trustee President Brandi Cline. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


The Calais Free Library has been a center point of the community for many years. The library hosts a number of activities for the community, especially for children. For being the host of many activities, it has been some time since the children’s area of the library has any major improvements. The Library Trustees are looking to make some changes to the children’s wing to make it better for patrons.

One big improvement to the upstairs is the addition of a bathroom to the section. Currently, patrons that are using the children’s wing must walk down the narrow staircase to the first floor to use the restroom. The Trustees are prosing to turn a former office and storage space on the second floor into a restroom. The project will also include a sink that can be used for events run in the children’s wing when there are crafts and other activities that might require it.

While working on the bathroom, the Trustees are hoping to make other improvements as well. The library is currently having work on the turret done to improve the structure of the building. The money for the bathroom project and the other improvements is coming from the Trustees’ budget.

While the Trustees have money set aside for the project, the Friends of the Calais Free Library wanted to help. Last Wednesday at the Trustees meeting, the Friends of the Calais Free Library presented a check for $9,000 to help with construction costs. While the project hasn’t been given the official go ahead yet, they are hoping to start work soon while the work to the turret is taking place.


The money presented to the Trustees by the Friends comes from money raised through events like the used book sale they hold in the basement of the library. Together, the Trustees and the Friends of the Calais Free Library are working to make the library a better space for all patrons.