Peter Mercier Softball Tourney Results

Competitive Division Champions - Hogs Children. Members include front l-r: Chad Lavway, Justin Rodgerson, Kristen Wilcox, Candace Work, Miranda Drinkwater. Back l-r: Damon Lincoln, Lyndsey Merrill, Cliff Urquhart, Evan Pelkey, Ryan Lincoln, Tyler Eddy, Jeremy Beers, and Pat Francis.

Fourth Annual 2018 Event


Tournament Director Ryan Lincoln wants to thank everyone for another great year: Mary Pelletier did a great job on the shirts, Ricky Kroll for the MVP Turfs and Water Bottles, Ryan Brewer for the balls, John Marchese for the hotel rooms and great service downstairs, Marty Cushing, Todd Alan Townsend for helping umpire, Craig Morrison for the field use and Holly Mercier Adams and her mother for watching every game and being there to receive another $1,000 to be used towards a scholarship next year. Following are the tourney results within the two divisions:


Competitive Division: 

OutKasts def Kroll22-12

Hogs Children def Stanhope17-5

Hogs Children def OutKasts21-11

Competitive Champions: Hogs Children

Competitive Division MVP: Chad Lavway


Recreation Division:

Phelps def McIver16-12

Mercier def Phelps17-13

McIver def Phelps19-18

Mercier def McIver17-16

Recreation Champions: Team Mercier


Recreation Division MVP: Stevie Morrison