Eastport Pirate Festival a Merry Occasion

By Lura Jackson


Each year, hundreds of pirates and pirate groupies descend upon Eastport to join in the largest pirate festival in New England, and this year was no exception. With events ranging from a pirate ball to a parade to a street dance and much more, attendees had no shortage of options for entertainment.

As always, one of the best highlights of the festival was seeing the large number of attendees that sported their own pirate garb. This year was notable in the number of pirate children in attendance, many of whom gamely participated in swashbuckling lessons on the street. The number of pirates and spectators on the streets after the parade was staggering, but the atmosphere remained generally welcoming and friendly throughout.


Saturday’s events concluded with a first-class performance by Ravenbane’s Firecraft, immediately followed by a fireworks display that included rockets bouncing off the water’s surface before exploding in a stunning spectacle of light.