Calais Schools to Focus on School Climate

By Kaileigh Deacon


With so much bullying and violence in schools throughout the nation, Calais hopes to try and make their schools healthier and more welcoming. While Calais schools are already inviting places, there is always room for improvement and new ways to make the school environment safer.

At Calais Middle High School [CMHS], administrators, staff and students will be working to identify issues that may exist and finding ways to correct them. They will be forming two teams, a staff team, and a student team, that will work toward establishing and meeting those goals. The group will send out a survey to all the students and staff in the school and the results of that survey will help determine the group’s goals for this year.

In addition to the push for student climate, the school is also working on ways to recognize their students and teachers for what they have done within the school. Starting this year, CMHS will name a Student of the Month selected by the staff. To recognize the staff, they will also be recognizing a Teacher of the Quarter, an award for which prospective honorees can be nominated by anyone in or outside of the school.

With the start of the school year, there were a few changes at the elementary school. They have installed a new door and windows at the front of the school which will help with security and is more fuel efficient. The new doors allow teachers to access them with fobs rather than actual keys, lending a new layer of security to the school.

At St. Croix Regional Technical Center [SCRTC], the staff is working to create a more cohesive environment where, in addition to Calais, their students are comprised of two other surrounding schools. The aim is to get the students from Eastport and Woodland to feel more like part of the school and less like students just visiting. SCRTC is working on ways to foster this sense of inclusion and create an even better learning environment for their students.

All Calais Schools are reporting an increase in enrollment and are working diligently to find ways to keep those numbers up as well as increasing attendance rates for enrolled students.

The School Committee hired Sarah Scott as a part-time food service assistant at the Calais Elementary School for three hours a day. Scott has been a sub in a similar position before and is familiar with the role. In addition, the School Committee approved Kathy Smith as the Volunteer Advisor for the National Honor Society. Smith has been doing this role previously and was unanimously approved.

The final act of the School Committee at last Tuesday’s meeting was to award the fuel bid for the upcoming school year. With close proposals, the School Committee awarded the bid to V.L. Tammaro Oil Co.

The School Committee and Administrators also took time to remember Arnold Clark. Clark worked in the school system for over forty years. Last Tuesday Calais Schools had a half day so the facilities could be used by Mr. Clark’s family. The whole school department came together to make things run smoothly and provided all the food for the reception.


The next School Committee Meeting will be held on September 18 at 6 p.m. in the CMHS library.