Baileyville Council Unanimously Votes to Prohibit Retail Marijuana Sales

By Kaileigh Deacon


On Monday, August 27th, the Baileyville Town Council looked at the future of retail marijuana operations within town limits. The initial proposal was to amend the current town ordinance for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities. The proposed change would allow for the sale of medical marijuana within the town limits. The current ordinance requires that cultivation and dispensary facilities must be in rurally zoned areas and at least 900 feet from an existing dwelling.

The Town Council talked about the possibility of allowing retail operations in Baileyville. The council unanimously agreed with prohibiting the retail sale of both medical and recreational marijuana. The proposal would have to have three readings at town council meetings and a public hearing before being officially voted on.

Baileyville has been working on a way to better take care of animals picked up by animal control. The town approached PAWS about working out a plan to partner up and have them take the animals from Baileyville instead of the town having to drive to Bangor to drop them off. Sandra Lambert from PAWS will meet with the organization’s board of directors and get back to the council with a decision.

During the meeting, the Town Council was approached about the possibility of creating a first responders section in the Town Cemetery. Other municipalities have similar sections in their cemeteries to honor those who have served their communities. The first responders section would be a fenced-off section in the cemetery for those who have served, as well as their spouses, to be laid to rest. There haven’t been any definite plans laid for this project as of yet, and a full-blown proposal will come back before the council at a later date.

Baileyville is working toward being certified as a Business Friendly Community. The Business Friendly Community Certification is a program that was started by Governor LePage to help communities promote themselves and work on bringing business to their communities. The application for the certification is due by September 9th, and they will likely hear back six weeks from the deadline.

There are currently only 30 communities certified as Business Friendly Communities in the State of Maine. One of those communities is Eastport. If Baileyville is selected to be one of the Business Friendly Communities, they would receive a sign at the town limits, be a part of the Maine Business Attraction strategy and be recognized on the State website. There will be a public hearing on the Business Friendly Certification on September 5.

The Town Council also talked about the upcoming school construction project, which was approved at a town meeting earlier this summer, that will be on the ballot for Baileyville voters in November. The project is for the addition of a school cafeteria to the Woodland Junior Senior High School. The cost of the project is estimated at $1.6 million. A public hearing on the project will be held in September.


The next town council meeting will be held on September 10th.