Everett Meader Memorial Golf Tourney

John Smith, representing Border Electric, congratulates Cody Harvey for shooting a fine 69 over the 18-hole event that was established in the memory of Everett Meader, a former superb golfer at the St. Croix Country Club, a traditionalist for the game, and an expert on the rules of golf. Everett would have certainly enjoyed seeing that the ball is played down in this event (can’t be moved for a better lie), unlike every other tournament in Washington County.

Sponsored By Border Electric


This weekend Border Electric sponsored their annual Everett Meader Memorial Golf Tournament on Saturday and a Family Scramble on Sunday under superb course conditions. Congratulations to Cody Harvey for winning the St. Croix Country Club event by shooting a 1-under-par 69. Following are all the winners within the 18-hole event.


Men’s 1st Division: 

1st gross- Overall Tourney Champ (69g) Cody Harvey 

1st net- (65n) John Smith

2nd net- (67n) Mark Altvater

2nd gross- (73g) John Marchese

3rd net- (69n) Jason Redding

3rd gross- (75g) Bob Davis

4th net- (69n) Bill Annas

4th gross- (75g) Donnie Walker


Men’s 2nd Division: 

1st gross- (77g) Nick DelMonaco

1st net- (64n) Joe Smith

2nd net- (68n) Ed Nicholas

2nd gross- (80g) Darin Hill

3rd net- (70n) John Charters

3rd gross- (83g) Mike Horne

4th net- (72n) Mike Chambers

4th gross- (84g) John Rogers


Men’s 3rd Division: 

1st gross- (86g) Joey Craig

1st net- (66n) Steve Thomas

2nd net- (68n) Dan Rohde

2nd gross- (87g) John Moody

3rd net- (72n) Tyler Morrison

3rd gross- (88g) Mike Demolet

4th net- (72n) Mike Lally

4th gross- (88g) Beau Scott


Ladies’ Division: 

1st gross- (92g) Julie Jordan

1st net- (68n) Val Smith 

2nd net- (72n) Theresa Wright

2nd gross- (93g) Marcia Carlow


Junior Division: 

1st gross- (94g) Shane DelMonaco

1st net- (78n) Ethan DelMonaco


Long Drive Contest: 

Juniors- Gavin Bowen

Ladies- Ashley Macdonald

Men- Jason Redding


Closest shot to Hole: 

#1Sean Ellis and Darrin Constant 4'3”

#6Sheridan Smith 5'6”


#8Donnie Walker 3'1”