Calais Swim Team Competes

The Swim Team from the Howard Fox Memorial Pool competed on July 21 in St. Stephen. Each of the kids brought home ribbons for swimming in their first year of competition. Pictured are back (l-r) Coach Kylie Donovan, Wyatt Thigpen, Luke Furtek Bernie Yost, and Coach Katie Cavanaugh. Front (l-r) Sophia Clark, Ethan Barnard, and Faith Thigpen. Not pictured are Kate McPhee, Tyler Furtek, Josh Sivret, and Oliver Clark. (Photo provided by Katie Cavanaugh.)

By Kaileigh Deacon


The summer has been hot and humid, perfect for enjoying the cool water at the Howard Fox Memorial Pool. For a lot of kids, the pool is a great way to cool off and enjoy time outside. Swimming is a great way to exercise, and it gives kids a chance to burn off a lot of that extra energy. For those who are interested, it can also offer the opportunity to compete. Two lifeguards decided last year that they would bring the swim team back.

“We had so much fun when we were on the swim team. We wanted to give other kids that opportunity as well,” said swim coach Kylie Donovan. Both coaches – Kylie Donovan and Katie Cavanaugh – were on the swim team when it was offered at the pool nearly a decade earlier.

The swim team offers kids the opportunity to learn more about swimming and to perfect the strokes they already know as well as to learn some new ones. The coaches found kids they thought would like being part of the swim team and asked them to join. The kids were given the opportunity to refine their skills and then given the chance to compete to show what they’ve learned.

 The team started to come together last year with Donovan and Cavanaugh working on teaching the kids things about swimming they learned as former swim team members and now as lifeguards.

 This year the team took things a step further and competed against two Canadian teams. Despite it being this team’s first competition, the team did well and every member came home with a ribbon, many placing well in their events in their first competitions.


With the success and excitement for the swim team, the coaches want to continue sharing the joy of swimming and inspiring future swimmers and possible lifeguards. The coaches expressed their pride and excitement for all the kids who were a part of the Calais swim team and the terrific job they did at their first swim meet.