Joyce Maker Named as Calais Grand Marshal

Joyce Maker was selected to be the Calais Grand Marshal of the 45th International Homecoming Festival. (File photo)

By Lura Jackson


Every year, a distinguished resident of Calais is picked to serve as the Grand Marshal for the International Homecoming Festival parade. This year, State Senator Joyce Maker was chosen for the honor of representing Calais in the parade.

A resident of Calais for half a century, Maker served as both an administrator and as the Financial Aid Director for Washington County Community College before retiring to enter the life of a dedicated public servant. Throughout her career and personal life as a mother, she was active in local government, holding positions on the School Committee and the City Council. In 2010, she began her work at the state level as a member of the House of Representatives, a role she held until 2016 when she was elected to the State Senate. Maker will be retiring from public office this year.

Maker shares that she was excited and surprised when she was asked if she would be able to fulfill the role of Grand Marshal. “My love for this parade is hard to express,” Maker said. Having grown up in a border town (Fort Fairfield) in Aroostook Country, the nature of the border community is a fondly familiar one to her. “I have really gotten used to crossing the border easily and have families and friends on each side. Both my parents and my husband were born in New Brunswick, so it is a part of my heritage.”

The admirable close working relationship between Calais and St. Stephen and the municipalities’ commitment to moving forward together has been fostered and exemplified by Maker. “I had the opportunity to work with the St. Stephen Council while I was on the Calais City Council on joint projects and have had a relationship with the Honorable John Ames and the Honorable Karen Ludwig while I have served in the Legislature. My love for both New Brunswick and Maine is deep in my heart.”

As someone who has long been involved in promoting the flourishing of the St. Croix Valley, Maker is honored to represent Calais in the International Homecoming Festival. “If I can play a small part in celebrating this festival, I am thrilled to do so to celebrate our joint relationships, friends and families and all that are working to make this a great event.”


 Two Grand Marshals were selected this year, one for Calais and one for St. Stephen. Riding in the parade to represent St. Stephen this year will be former mayor Bob Brown.