Washington County Golf Championship

John Marchese proudly holds the County Championship trophy for the second time in two years.

John Marchese Wins Event With 147


The annual Washington County Golf Championship was hosted this weekend at Barren View Golf Course and the St. Croix Country Club. The 36-hole medal play event featured top golfers from all around the county in a full 2-day event. John Marchese took his second event title in two years as he carded a solid 147 for a 1-stroke win over Zach Fenton.  



1st net- (138n) Ralph Backman     1st gross- (147g) John Marchese   

2nd net- (139n) James Macdonald2nd gross- (148g) Zach Fenton

3rd net- (139n) Nate Mugford      3rd gross- (153g) Toby Cole

4th net- (142n) Mark Altvater      4th gross- (154g) Donnie Walker



1st net- (133n) Lenny Espling      1st gross- (151g) Mike Franz

2nd net- (136n) Mike Porter         2nd gross- (163g) Bob Tracy

3rd net- (141n) Jim Alley             3rd gross- (163g) Darin Hill

4th net- (142n) Darrin Constant   4th gross- (166g) John Rogers



1st net- (135n) Seth Milliken       1st gross- (164g) Sid Vandergrift 

2nd net- (137n) Andrew Hall        2nd gross- (174g) Judson Carver, V

3rd net- (142n) Brene Johnson    3rd gross- (179g) Bob Hale 

4th net- (146n) Michael Clark      4th gross- (179g) Lester Vandergrift 


Barren View: St. Croix:

Long Drive- Beau ScottLongest Drive-Zach Fenton

Closest Pins-Closest Pins- 

#2- Donnie Walker 7'2”              #1- Mike Franz 2’1”

#4- Lenny Espling 8'#6- Joel McGee 9’5”


#5- Toby Cole 8'1”#8- James Macdonald 2’6”