Area Youth Participate in Healthcare Camp

Eleven young women from around the area participated in an informative, hands-on Healthcare Camp on June 19th, giving them each the opportunity to explore one of the fastest growing fields in the country. The Healthcare Camp is offered each year through a collaboration between Washington County Community College (WCCC) and Calais Regional Hospital (CRH).

Participants in the camp, which is offered to high school students, attended schools in Woodland, Calais, East Machias and Bangor. During the all-day camp, which was held at both the college and the hospital, students were taught a variety of techniques from different aspects of medical care, including learning how to read vital signs, perform injections and basic phlebotomy, mixing IV solutions, exploring the lab, identifying patient issues and performing respiratory therapy, suturing and wound treatment. 

“The goal is to spark an interest and thought into healthcare careers for our area youth,” said DeeDee Travis, VP of Community Relations for CRH. “We cover all sorts of career options and provide information on the various degrees needed to work in each field, while also trying to give them an idea of the work done in each field.”

“Most people think about doctors and nurses, but there are many, many more opportunities in healthcare such as Medical Assistants, Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacist, Phlebotomist, Radiology and the list goes on,” said Cindy Moholland, the department chair for WCCC career programs. 


The camp was well received by participants and their family members. “I’m happy to say that I appreciated her getting this experience as an entering high school student,” shared Kristin McKinlay, whose daughter took part in the event. “She’s interested in medicine and enjoyed seeing many aspects of healthcare professions, including the behind-the-scenes tours at the hospital.”