PES Student is a “Nice Catch”

Second grader Casey Phelps got a huge surprise two weeks ago when he found out that he had won the Portland Seadogs “Nice Catch” which means he gets 10 tickets to a Seadogs game and has the honor of throwing out the first pitch. His teacher, Miss Chloe Black, nominated Casey for the award. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


Every day at school, second grader Casey Phelps greets his fellow students and his teachers with a smile and a hello. Casey is a fun, boisterous kid who does something every day to make his school a kinder and better place. First thing in the morning, without being asked, Casey is goes to the front office and starts the day by announcing the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom. 

Casey has also received the Princeton Elementary School Citizenship Award for the last three quarters. Students who receive this award need to demonstrate self-discipline, responsibility, community involvement, friendship and fairness. 

The Portland Sea Dogs have created a program to help reward kids for doing good. For the reasons above and more, Princeton Elementary School second grade teacher Chloe Black nominated Casey Phelps to receive this honor. “Casey goes above and beyond each day to make sure everyone has the best day possible,” Miss Black said. “Casey makes such an enormous impact on our whole school community. Any day he is absent you can surely feel the atmosphere change.” 

This is the best possible award for Casey to receive as he is such a big Sea Dogs fan, in fact baseball in general. “Baseball is my number one favorite sport, I’ve loved it my whole life,” Casey said. 

Along with being named the “Nice Catch” winner, Casey will get ten tickets and he and his family will attend a Sea Dogs game where Casey will be throwing out the first pitch. While they won’t be on the receiving end of some of Casey’s free tickets, several members of the staff of Princeton Elementary School, including his teacher Chloe Black, plan to be in attendance to see the pitch. 


When asked why he does the nice things he does, Casey’s response was simple. “Do you want to make people sad or do you want to make them happy?”