Therrien Qualifies for Maine Clean Elections Funding

Christina Therrien, candidate for Maine Senate District 6, has officially qualified for Maine Clean Election funding, the state's public financing program for political campaigns. 

To qualify, Therrien had to receive at least 175 $5 contributions from voters within the Senate district, which encompasses all of Washington County and parts of Eastern Hancock County. 

Therrien made the following statement on her qualification:

“I am so grateful to everyone across Senate District 6 that donated $5 to help me qualify for the initial level of clean elections funding. As a clean elections candidate, I refuse to take any money from lobbyists or special interest groups. My campaign promise is to the people of Down East Maine, and their support through $5 contributions means a great deal. 

"This qualification provides the basic funding to get my campaign underway, but due to the size of this district it will not be adequate for campaign expenses. It is my goal to secure even more $5 contributions, allowing me to reach out to as many voters as possible. Registered voters in this district that would like to help can make a donation at Thank you for your support."