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Dave McCullough


How small the world is sometimes. Recently while visiting a medical doctor in Portland, we chatted about one of my favorite topics -“Grand Lake Stream.” I mentioned that fishing opened on the stream at midnight on April 1st and that some people had been there fishing in the dark so they could say they were part of the action on opening day. The doctor responded by saying a couple of his friends were part of the early fishing crowd at GLS at that time but had to rush back home for family celebrations.  When at the Pine Tree Store for breakfast recently, the talk was about how several committed anglers were at the dam and had cast their lines in just after midnight. I enjoy fishing but it takes a dedicated angler to cast for fish at that hour. 

To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit and due to the high demand, permits are administered through a chance lottery. You can now apply online: to do so visit

From Al LaPlante -Trail Master, GLS ATV Club: ATV riders are reminded that all Maine ATV trails are closed until May 15 or until landowners have determined that they are dry enough for use. Please respect this closure. Ruts ruin trails for everyone and are costly for clubs to repair. Thank You.

On behalf of the Women to Women group, we are pleased to announce a Yard Sale will be held on Friday June 8th and Saturday 9th at the Grand Lake Stream Schoolhouse. Save the dates and your pennies for some good shopping! As you go about your spring cleaning, please keep this Yard Sale in mind.  We would very much appreciate any items that you wish to donate.  Any items for donation can be bought to the GLS Schoolhouse on June 6th or 7th.

Only 10 weeks left before the July 4th week celebration. Great events are planned again this year. The parade will be the main attraction so start thinking about what your float will be this year. Family floats are always a specialty but stand-alone creative ideas are a great addition. This year there will be a portion of the parade committed to walking with your favorite decorated pet. More details will be unfolding over the weeks of the column.

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