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Linda Baniszeski 


We continue to await complete “ice out” on the lake.  Large expanses are melted.  However, in deeper recesses of coves, there is still ice in places.  I’ve asked Pete Trouant if he has any data on the latest date recorded for “ice out” in the past on Meddybemps Lake.  Will update later when information is received.  We now have open water in front of our home and all the way across the cove to the shoreline on the other side.  As the lake surface melted in our cove over the past several days, between the frozen and melting areas, there was semi-frozen water along our shoreline with the consistency of a “Slushy.”  The sound of waves lapping on the shore is among the nicest music of spring in these parts.

Happy birthday wishes to Pete Frost on April 20, Bruce Bailey living in Florida on the 22nd and Gary Garnier on the 24th.  Here’s wishing each a wonderful day and year ahead.

Patty Reynolds has returned from her Las Vegas adventures with her sisters and families for the wedding of her niece Lisa who married Jeff Smith.   Congratulations Lisa and Jeff!  Their wedding was at the historic little wedding chapel in Las Vegas and an Elvis Presley “impersonator” (or was he?) officiated.  Afterward, everyone had fun-filled days exploring many of the things that Vegas has to offer.  If the Facebook postings are any indication, it appears to have been a very pretty wedding, a lot of fun afterwards and during the following days for everyone involved.  Welcome home Patty.  You were missed.

Patty arrived home in time to celebrate her husband Dana Reynolds’ birthday on April 14th with their family.   

This past week has been one of many extremes.  From the temperatures to various weather conditions, we’ve had the gamut.  How can we go from 59 degrees last Saturday to this Monday morning with 29 degrees, freezing rain and sleet to open the day.  We are told the temperatures will be more moderate this entire week, but not without a lot of rain showers.  At least snow isn’t in the forecast past Monday.  But who knows?  It appears anything can happen at anytime where the weather is concerned in these parts.

Nevertheless, the wildlife seems to have decided it IS spring, exhibited by their arrival at our feeders and shoreline.  A robin was seen pecking in our yard.  Larger families of black ducks have returned.  The ongoing food battle continues between them and the large flock of red winged black birds and grackles that have been around for about 10 days.  The red squirrels are out all the time.  I’ve yet to see any of our little chipmunks -- maybe some cats got them.  They’re adorable, though some dislike them because they eat the roots of their flowering plants.  The first loon appeared on Monday at the end of where our dock is situated.   A Downy Woodpecker has been enjoying suet and digging under the bark of a nearby tree.  Mating birds are calling and answering through the woods behind our house.  Such a beautiful symphony of sounds.

Scuffy had to have her teeth cleaned this week -- what’s left of them.  They removed 15!!  We wonder that she’ll be able to gnaw on a bone or crunchy food ever again.  We are assured that she can chew dry food in about two weeks.  In the meantime, she has antibiotics and pain medicines for the immediate after-effects.  Oh, our poor little darling.   She’s a resilient little one, but even she has her limits.  I’m glad Barry took her -- because now she will blame him instead of me for her frightening and uncomfortable ordeal.  Small dogs historically have a tendency toward bad teeth.   We knew she needed a good cleaning; but never imagined that so many teeth were bad.  She never indicated she was in pain or that eating was difficult.   

Wishing good things for each of you.  Please send your news to or phone 454-3719.