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Sharon Frost



Sister Judy of Moncton visited her sister Pat Yardley last week. She’s preparing for her trip to Russia.

It was a bright and sunny day last Wednesday. I decided to drive to St. George. I visited my brother and his wife and shopped at Guardian Drug, Family Dollar and a grocery store for my bananas and breads. The ice cream shop is now open on Main Street. Four deer ran in front of me from the side of a hill. I thought either I or the deer were goners.

James and Starla Dean were in concert at the Second Baptist Church last Saturday evening. There was a good turnout. A delightful lunch followed.

Jenna Howard and fiance from Portland were visiting her parents Derek and Lisa Howard over the weekend.

Cut the Cake: John Benner, Marty Colson, Dianna Howell, Jim Doten, Cassidy Carr, Phil Gibson, Drew Kane Coffin, Deanna Raye, Kay McKnight, Rick Sears, Hope Howard.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Sorry to read the loss of Art Stevens. He lived here several years ago. He is the son of Kevin and Steve.

VFW meeting is May 3rd at St. Anne’s Hall at 6 pm.

Great to see Maggie Scott home and out and about after a long hospital journey. Prayers were answered.