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Kathy Mekelburg



Last Sunday, Easter, was cold and cloudy and at the 7 a.m. service at the Sewall Congregational  Church, it was disappointing not to see the sunrise through the newly restored front window. Several people attended the service and enjoyed a light breakfast afterward. This Sunday, the service was cut short when the furnace went off prematurely. Regular 4 p.m. services will be held from now on. 

Birthdays and anniversaries for April are: Apr. 1st, Katlin Brennen, Kelly McCormick;  2nd, Darlene McConnell; 6th, Denny Sterner; 7th, Aiden-Gray Kelly, Chance Leighton; 10th, Kyle Sansoucie; 11th, Mary Ann Duvall; 21st, Michael Bodkin and Sharon Lucas; 23rd, Helen Brooks and Jill Caruso; 24th, my Pomeranian Sport; 25th Anthony Cookson. My husband and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary on April 17th. Darlene McConnell celebrated her birthday with friends on April 2nd at the New Friendly Restaurant. She received many nice gifts and enjoyed a good meal.