Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church

Town News


Following a joyful Easter celebration on the 1st of April, the church moved right along into April’s activities. 

The weekly Bible Study continues on Fridays at 1:30 p.m.   The group decided to extend the meetings beyond Lent because the discussions had been so extended and interesting that no one wanted to stop.  Considering the  Biblical responses that can be made to the advice the senior devil Screwtape gives to his nephew Wormwood about how to keep his “patient” from turning to the “Enemy above” (known to us as God), instead of to “Our Lord below” (known to us as the Devil), has been very engaging in stimulating for all, as each chapter of C. S. Lewis’ classic book The Screwtape Letters is read and discussed.

Saturday over 50 people braved the weird “spring/winter” weather snow to enjoy the “first Saturday” monthly breakfast. Anyone can find something satisfying on the menu of eggs, bacon, beans, home fries, pancakes, toast, juice, and coffee. Still in the future is another big Saturday on April 21st.  In the morning and through lunch to a short Communion Service, the Perry Congregational Church will be hosting the annual Spring Meeting for the Washington County Association of Congregational Churches (WCACC).  A virtual tour of the Holy Land and making plans for celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arrival will be included, along other business.  Then that evening, back at the Dennysville/Edmunds church, the annual Italian Dinner will be held in the Parish Hall at 5 p.m.  More details to follow next week.

The report for last month at the Labor of Love Food Pantry, sponsored by the Greater Eastport Ecumenical Churches Association (GEECA) was quite impressive!  The records (including how many there are in each family unit that is served) show that about 500 individuals have received food from the Food Pantry.  There are many who help with this endeavor, but more are really needed so that the load isn’t so heavy on the faithful ones.  Especially strong arms and backs are useful, but anyone with a good heart and a smiling face would be a real gift.  Patti Loring and her husband Merritt are especially active, but there are others doing their parts, too.  Do consider joining them OR donating on the Labor of Love Facebook Page at the blue DONATE rectangle.