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Linda Baniszeski 


Time marches on!  We are watching for robins to start digging in the lawn, and April flowers to peek out of their winter hiding places.   I was afraid to go into any length in this column before about the first day of spring on March 20 since it was sure to delay it.  It might say spring on the calendar, but having lived in Maine for quite a few decades now, we have learned the kind of weather we experience often has nothing to do with what the calendar would indicate.  Weather has its own mind in this part of the world.   It makes us a resiliant bunch.

Happy birthday wishes to Danny Wallace on April 11.  He has grown into a fine young man.  Sometimes we exchange places -- we used to take care of him occasionally, now he takes care of us when we need some help.  We first met Danny as a toddler when he would visit our first property here -- a seasonal camp that we purchased from Rolf Flood.  Danny would also spend time with our nieces and nephews when they were here at camp with us.  We enjoyed having him go along on day trips like a whale watch and travels to St. Andrews.  We have many fond memories of Danny and more to come for sure.

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