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Sally Doten



It’s Monday again and I must write something that is presentable for you to read. At this very moment my mind is a complete blank. When you’re old I guess that’s not an unusual state of mind. 

Have you seen the movie, “I Can Only Imagine?” Give yourself a treat; go see it. Several Baring residents were there tonight: Susan Casey, Gene & Ila McGovern, Rita Stewart, Mary McLellan and me. The best part was 24 members of the Second Baptist Church were in attendance. I’m sure some of the other viewers thought they were being invaded by a rowdy group. Guess what, they were. This is a good family film with a great message.

Wishing our youngest daughter Carol and her partner Peter the very best. They are now residents of Port Meyers, Florida.

Guests at Steve & Sheila Cottrell’s over the Easter weekend were daughter Mary Beth Brown with husband and kids in tow. Avery who is 2 (maybe) entertained us at church. Each time the organ played, Avery gave her own rendition. She was enjoying every moment as were those that surrounded her.

I do want to write more but I have run out of steam for the week. My brain will not function another minute.

Stay well; be safe. Love to each who read these few words.