Lincoln Memorial Public Library, March 2018

Town News

Libraries Are More Than Books

Nowadays, libraries are much more than books.  Income taxes, unemployment insurance, on-line information, visual entertainment and a meeting place for friends are all part of the services found at Dennysville’s Lincoln Memorial Public Library.  “In the digital era, libraries are all about sharing the written word in all its forms”, says Library Chairman, Colin Windhorst, which means copying, and fax services, public computer access, in addition to the traditional role of distributing books, up to date magazines and audio visual materials for the reading and listening public.

Lincoln family descendants gave the building to the Town in 1911, with the agreement of the community to maintain and operate a free public library, including heating, lighting, janitor services and an annual stipend for the librarian and library supplies.  While the role of technology as vastly changed the kind of services available, at the library continues to embody the mission inscribed in a plaque in the front hallway, “to serve the social needs of the community.”

In recent years, this has included a steady stream of people looking for historical and genealogical records, and after school children’s reading program, summer writing workshop for teenagers, speakers and special events, a webinar series on fundraising essentials for local noon-profit organizations, and ongoing workshops on learning to use computers and digital technology.  Social events, like a Friday night at the movies, monthly historical programs, and other community gatherings  have found the Lincoln Memorial Public Library, in the words of former Maine Governor John Baldacci, “A wonderful place to be.”