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Cassie Oakes


I would like to send condolences out to the family and friends of Terry Reynolds who recently passed away.  Terry had strong ties to the town of Alexander through his sister Kathy Campbell and his mom Jean Campbell.

Let’s talk Property Map Committee and what they have been up to. On Saturday at 6:00 p.m. the assessors met with John Dudley.  He had recently received a message about not using letters for map, lot or sub-lot identification.  They discussed ideas for MS (ministerial school lots) G (gore lots) and I (islands).  They also talked about the partial lots bordering Meddybemps Lake.  Next John presented a drawing of the south end of town showing it as it should be-not what is on the maps but what is on the ground.  They accepted that and provided sensible numerical names for the Damon setoff lots.

On Tuesday Ted Carter stopped by with sheet 9, all complete.  Ted had a visit with Marie and John.  Thanks, Ted for your work.

On Thursday Robert Flood provided John with information and a map of Map 106.  This was the home of John G. Taylor, Alexander’s first Town Clerk.  Robert and John think Taylor is also buried on the lot in a burial ground Robert has staked around.  John will use Robert’s map on Sheet 14.

I have some friends in Calais doing some really good work that I would like to share with you. Maybe you know Belinda Smith and her family and maybe not, but let me tell you they are awesome.  They have a Hat Ministry, called “Keeping Kids Warm” and have sent sixty hats to Emmaous Shelter in Ellsworth.  This year for “Project Christmas” the family has decided to do free blankets for local kids.  The Smiths have done Project Christmas for 15 years.  After Christmas people still called asking for blankets for needy kids that they knew, so the family kept on making them.  Mother Belinda does the cutting and her children Angie, Brian, Krystal, Kevin and Jeremy work at tying the knots and daughter Gene helps by watching the baby.  To date the Smith Family has made 94 blankets and they have reached the point to where they can do a blanket an hour.  Most of the blankets have gone to local area kids.  Originally the family had hoped to make blankets for a Homeless Shelter, but found the need in this area great.  Blankets are usually ready within 3 days from when they are asked.  Hats are usually available at all times.  While they have bought a lot of fleece, people have also donated both fleece and money to buy materials, which the Smith Family really appreciates. Thank you Smith Family for your kindness, generosity and hard work.  

Last week’s feature about in home business in our community in this column was a big hit so this week I am featuring Diane Lord of Alexander.   Diane works at Calais Regional Hospital in pediatrics but on the side she is an Independent Color Street stylist.  Diane chose this business because she loves the product and wants everyone to feel beautiful and this product does it for little cost. Diane came to my house to demonstrate the product which is beautiful and goes on very easily and gave me a little history of how the company started.  You can order her product online or have an online party.  Diane will come to your home for a get-together, meet you at a restaurant, bridal party, or perhaps a pajama party.  Diane is open to all kinds of ideas. 

If you don’t know Diane let me tell you a little about her.  She has lived in Alexander since 1985.  She is the daughter of Mike and Betty Smith who also reside in Alexander. Diane has two sons, Dylan, who is a Supervisor at Wal-Mart and Logan, who resides in Alexander and joined the family business, Lord’s Well Drilling. Diane has a page on Facebook or give her a call, you won’t regret it. 

Good thoughts are being sent out to Elwin Daley, Madeline Perkins, Linda Richardson, Lynn Hill, Trudy Poole, David Carson, Carl Perkins, John Haley, and Gert Newman. 

Upcoming birthday wishes go out to Josh Hunnewell, Charlie Bryant, Logan, Casey Uhl, John Haley, Althea Lyford, Lori Carter, Cadence Spencer, Justina Niles, Mike Turner, Carol Snyder Folsom, Hayley James and Mavis Snyder.

Upcoming anniversary wishes go to Mike and Betty Smith and Dan and Shannon Daley.  

This week at Randy’s the Lucky Loser was Clayton Blake.  Do you want to know how to be a Lucky Loser?  Stop at Randy’s and check it out. 

This week I attended the Beckett Center Monday.  Due to remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day there was no basketball practice at the college, but we did hang out and played rousing games of Skip Bo and Wii.  Tuesday I returned to the AES library where I volunteered with my mom Rhonda Oakes and Diane McAlpine.  It is fun to see the kids and to help mom sort books.  Wednesday was a storm day and had some quality time with my parents.  Thursday it was off to the doctor for me because of a rash on my face, which ended up being a skin infection. After some medication it seems to be clearing up.  We talked to Carlos Jr., and he told us on a recent school field trip he was able to swim with the manatees and one kissed him. That is definitely a positive thing about living in Florida. My wheelchair saga continues with both of my parents making lots and lots of phone calls to get things straightened out.  Mom really was getting after folks and so now we believe we have the paperwork straightened out and filed properly and they say they have ordered the parts.  Fingers crossed that in the next week or so I will have my wheelchair back.  I celebrated my birthday over the weekend with lots of food and visits from my friends Sharon and Gerald Cooper and Diane Lord.  I got some really nice presents and now own the complete collection of the Brady Bunch.

If you have any news you can email me at, message me on Facebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Until next time, stay safe.