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Dave McCullough


Santa isn’t just for kids!  A special thank you to the Grand Lake Stream Fire Department for stopping at several homes of the elderly in town prior to Christmas to deliver a box of candy and cookies!  Santa Claus was on the truck and eager volunteers helped pass out goodies as they stopped throughout Grand Lake Stream.  Thank you Joyce for calling to share this story. 

Joyce also had a piece of history to share. She has lived on the west side of Water Street and on the stream since 1956 and during that time only once has the stream frozen all the way across. This recent cold snap provided the temperatures needed to freeze the stream again. The weather is going to warm up over the next few days which should get things moving again! It is nice to know that only on rare occasions will the temps be cold enough to freeze the stream.

There is a special treat coming this week for the area school students to learn about the various animal tracks that they see in the snow.  On Thursday, January 11th, join DLLT Education and Outreach Manager Colin Brown for an “Animal Tracking Trek.”  Local schools have an early dismissal, so bring the kids out to Grand Lake Stream to learn all about how animals move in winter, and what clues they leave behind.  We will meet at the Grand Lake Stream School Building at 1 p.m., and head into the Downeast Lakes Community Forest. When the snow is so fluffy it is entertaining to see how the smaller animals get about by jumping and tunneling. The snow cover and the temps are going to be in favor of a great fun adventure.

The snowmobile trails report show that all trails are groomed and with plenty of snow.  This is a perfect winter to enjoy the woods and trails of the Grand Lake area. Also with the upcoming super moon the Club is making plans for a night ride. Look up the super moon dates and plan for a fun evening of riding the Grand Lake Area trails. Call Andrea at 796-5007 for more details.

Women to Women would like to announce that the new updated Grand Lake Stream directories have just arrived!  The group is asking for a  donation of $5 to offset the cost of printing.  Call Sue Whitely 796-0888 or Elaine Brown 796-5269 to get your copy. 

The annual coyote contest is well underway. Here are some early results: Smith’s General Store has tagged a total of 10 with 4 males and 6 females. Partridge Farm has tagged a total of 6 with 2 males and 4 females. The Pine Tree Store has tagged a total of 1 male. Whitney’s has tagged a total of 5 with 3 males and 2 females. Overall total of 21, 10 males and 11 females.  The largest male weighed in at 44.1 pounds and the largest female at 29.60 pounds.

On a personal note: I attended Calais Schools and graduated in June of 1957. On May 17, 1957 I had completed the requirements and was given the Eagle award which is the highest award in scouting.  I was a member of Scout Troop 32 in Calais and the Scoutmaster was Robert (Bob) Burgess who lived on lower Main Street in Calais.  The troop chairman was Percy Becket who lived in the stone house across from the current high school. Our meetings were held up behind the grade school.  From that experience I set a long term goal of having my sons achieve this same rank. Both sons Sean and Andrew did become Eagle Scouts while attending the troop 604 in Winthrop, Maine with the leadership of Carl Newhall. Eventually Andrew married and had a son Nolan. Andrew, Sean and Grandpa all supported the Gorham Scout troop as he entered Cub Scouts and progressed through the various ranks into Boy Scouting. The scouting activities were focused on living and surviving in the outside world of Maine. This Saturday Nolan will receive his official award as an Eagle Scout so Grandpa has lived to see a dream of many years ago come true.  My wife Jenifer has a nephew, Mike Phinney, who also has achieved the Eagle award.  Thanks to all the volunteers who work to help scouting be an important life-step in the growth toward manhood.

Your humble correspondent: Dave McCullough; 207-839-4205 or 796-2286. Also