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Sally Doten



Hello, from beautiful downtown Baring, Maine. I hope your day is going well.  Today, (Monday), I was in Bangor for an allergist appointment which went very well. I have no allergies just a lot of water dripping steadily from my right nostril and eye. Why the right, I don’t know. Anyway, I was tested for 23 different things and nothing showed positive. I came home with a nasal spray that supposedly will clear this mess up. I can only hope. So far tonight I am still snorting.

Peter and Susan Casey along with the twins, Kylie and Keegan, enjoyed a great visit with their daughter, Danielle, in Centerville, N.B. I know every time they make this trip, everyone wishes there were fewer miles to travel.

Baring Baptist Church will hold their Christmas Cantata at the morning service on December 17. I hear the music will be very special. 

Christmas lights are appearing around town. I bought a sleigh with a reindeer pulling it along. It looks rather nice in the yard. This is probably the end of my decorating except for a few candles on the fireplace. Getting old, I think.

Did you attend the Shriner’s Festival of Trees at the Knights of Colubus Hall this weekend? It was beautiful! I think they had 17 trees on display. The merchants were very generous with their gifts around each. I tried to win any one of them, but no one called. Darn! Thank you to the Shriners who do so much excellent work at the hospitals bearing their name. I understand over $20,000 was made at this event. Next year will be bigger and better. What a wonderful thing to be in Calais. Thank you to all who worked this event.

Well, my friends, this is all I know. All I want for Christmas is for my nose to stop dripping. 

See you next week! Stay well!