Creating a Pet Arrangement

So many of us are proud pet parents. We pamper them, lavish them with lots of food, love, toys, even clothes and carrying cases. But have we thought about what happens to them if something should happen to us that inhibits or even stops us from being there to take care of them?

What can we do to protect our beloved furry children from ending up homeless as the result of a tragic situation? Let’s explore some options.

• We can start carrying a pet alert card in our wallets. These cards give information to authorities, alerting them who we are, who our pets are, how many pets we have, and provides emergency contact information of people we know who will take care of our pets should we not be able to do so.  

• Create a pet info sheet providing information about our pets such as name, age, how many pets we have, their eating habits, health, medical needs, food preferences, vet’s contact information, behavioral habits, and anything else essential for the proper care of our pets if we can’t take care of them anymore. This record should be kept with other important papers. A copy of this document may even be kept in our vehicle’s glove compartment. 

• Create a formal or informal pet care arrangement naming a guardian and funding money to care for the pet for his/her life. These may included in wills and trusts. Peace of mind that our pets will be cared for in the event we can no longer care for them is the last loving gift we can give our beloved pets. 

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