We Are The Church

By Sally Doten, September 25, 2001


In 2001, the Second Baptist Church building burned down. At the time, congregation member Sally Doten wrote this letter to the editor to share her thoughts on the event. They are republished here by request to commemorate the recent restoration of the church bell, which was among the pieces that had been missing at the new church building since the fire. -ed.

The newspaper caption read: "September 17, 2001, Calais Church Destroyed By Fire." Is this a true description of the actual events of that evening? What were your first thoughts when you read the report? A church destroyed by fire, what a tragic thing for the community, to lose a church. But stop and think, was the church lost, was it tragic, or was it a blessing?

The old Tracker organ still stands, unable to lend music to the congregation, but the organist is still able to play. The piano is charred, ruined by smoke and water, but like the organist, the pianist is still able to accompany musicians in another place, on a different keyboard. The classrooms stand empty of Bibles, walls and ceilings, but the children are still able to attend classes to learn God's word. The pews that held worshipers last week are water soaked and empty, but the people will find another place to sit and pray.

What is wrong with the newspaper caption? Maybe it should have read, "Calais Building Destroyed." The church is still strong, united in faith, understanding that God is in control. The church will continue on. The Sunday School will meet, the sermon will be delivered, the choir will sing, and we, the church, will praise God for His goodness. Calais lost an historical landmark, the family of 2nd Baptist lost a house of worship, but the church was not destroyed.