Baileyville Town Manager to Resign

Town Manager Richard Bronson will be leaving his position sometime in November after working for the Town of Baileyville for four and a half years. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

After four and a half years as Baileyville’s Town Manager, Richard Bronson will be leaving the position sometime in November. While Bronson has no specific last date, there is a list of tasks to be completed before he leaves.

The position of town manager is multi-faceted. They work as an intermediary between the town’s elected officials and the department heads as well as other communities. The town manager also works with the department heads to build the annual budget before bringing it before the town council and town for approval or denial. 

In his four and a half years with Baileyville, Bronson has helped the town accomplish many things. Bronson has been a part of the creation of the Economic Development Corporation in conjunction with the city of Calais, and also helped the town work with the Woodland Pulp toward the installation of the new tissue machines. 

Bronson also helped to resolve some issues that were already present when he took over as town manager. There were several law suits before the town, two of which have been resolved not only in favor of Baileyville but municipalities just like it across the state. 

Bronson has some advice for the person who will fill his role. “Don’t be surprised.”

Bronson has also come across some of the more unexpected jobs required as a town manager. One example is having to help draft a new ordinance that would prevent people from entering a cemetery in the dark and performing an unauthorized burial. As with most ordinances it is a result of the action already having occurred. 

“I would like to thank the town of Baileyville for having me, and I have enjoyed many of the people,” Bronson said. 

The application deadline for the position of Baileyville Town Manager closes on September 29. The town council will hold an executive workshop on October 3 to review the applications and select candidates for interviews.