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Sally Doten



Here it is Monday afternoon and I am just sitting down to write this column. At this writing, I am thinking of the millions of Floridians that have been driven from their homes by Hurricane Irma. Now I understand why I live in Maine.

Thank you for the generous response I have had for the schools in Humble, Texas. I have over to $600 worth of school supplies covering my living room floor.  Tuesday and Wednesday are packing days. I want to tell you a story about something that happened during this experience; something that brought tears to my eyes. Today (Monday) the mailman drove in the yard.  I asked Jimmy to go out and bring in whatever was there. His reply was, “What did you buy now?”  My reply was, “Nothing.” And all the time I was hoping there weren’t any clothes in that box coming through the door.  It was a huge box of school supplies from California......yes, California and the postage label stated it cost $49.95 to mail.  I looked at the return address. There was the name of Janice Marshall. Janice is the daughter of Dennis and Jeannine Marshall and a former student. I opened the box to find glue, pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils and more. My heart about jumped out of my chest. Here this “kid” is in California and she’s sending items to me for Texas. What a generous heart! Thank you, Janice, you truly made my day.

Did anyone happen to notice that a mobile home is sitting on the O’Neill property? If I understand it all completely, Billy Pulk is the local representative selling this make and model. I would imagine there are more models, but this is the only one I see. I hope this is a successful enterprise and wish Billy the best of luck.

Fall is coming as we all know. If you have flowers or decorations at the Baring Cemetery, they need to be removed by October 1. Anything left will be thrown away. As I look forward to another year at the cemetery, I must give you fair warning of new rules and regulations going into effect. I will have the information posted in this paper as things are decided.

As I close this brief edition of the Baring news I am hoping for a little rain from the hurricanes. Irma and Jose surely can come up the coast and drop a few inches of the wet stuff. We don’t need the wind but it would be nice to have the ground level of water built up before it freezes. As I have told you before, my 25 foot well is still holding up and we have had no problems but how long will our luck hold out. I am very grateful for the local laundromat because I think it might be saving me the cost of a new well. I am sure others are in the same predicament as we are and you must be wishing for rain too. Maybe, just maybe, Jose will treat us kindly and relieve some of these problems.

See you next week. Stay well because you are my favorite people.