Letter to the Editor - As a retiree here in Maine, I am now completely disgusted and discouraged

As a retiree here in Maine, I am now completely disgusted and discouraged. All retirees should join me in the realization that your needs are being ignored by the state government. The state budget just passed does not include any of the proposed changes to the state income tax structure for retirees. So the present $15,000 and not up to $35,000 of income will be state income tax excluded.  And this will continue for two years.  When I asked on the NPR "Maine Calling" why this happened, one legislator replied funds were lacking  to allow it. Those of us retirees who are being double-taxed by the state have heard that garbage before. The other legislator gave a ridiculously convoluted answer which you could not even begin to understand. So let's just bluntly state the truth.  No one will admit retirees are an important constituency here in Maine. Various retirement support organizations will be stating in their magazines and newsletters that retirees should not move to Maine. There are other states who do encourage retirees to live there.  Those retirees already here probably should consider moving out as soon as possible.

Karen E. Holmes