Perry Church


This past year, it has become clear that there is a leakage problem in the steeple at the Perry Congregational Church.  Deacon Merritt Loring is leading the investigation into steeple repairs, and, following consultation with local contractors,  he reported to the church last Sunday that, while it is still structurally sound, some carpentry, re-painting, and other improvements are needed to seal the structure against the weather and ensure many years of continued service to the Church and community.  

This familiar landmark on the Shore Road was erected in 1891 to replace the original Congregational meetinghouse destroyed by fire the previous year.  The Church began under the ministry of Elijah Kellogg, a minster from Portland, Maine who spent many summers in Perry for the Massachusetts Missionary Society in the early 1800’s.  He spent weekends with his “kitchen congregations” and taught school at Pleasant Point during the week, teaching the 3 R’s and planting a field of potatoes with the help of the tribe.  Deacon Sockabasin occupied an honored place, when the first Perry meetinghouse was built in 1828.  During the twentieth century, carpenter Les Carson was often seen swinging from a boson’s chair, applying paint to the steeple and replacing woodwork as necessary. More recently, structural work on the foundation of the steeple was completed by John Newcomb of Newcomb Construction.   Merritt Loring hopes to have the bidding process completed shortly, so the Church Council can make an informed decision on the best way to proceed.

The steeple is regularly lighted every evening, from dusk to around midnight, as a monthly memorial for different people or families in the area.  If you would like to have the steeple lighting shine in memory of a loved one, please call Gloria Harris at 853-2979.