New Remote Teller at Camden National Bank

By Amy Jeanroy


The employees at Camden National Bank in Calais are very excited about the new remote teller drive-up that was recently installed at their Banking Center location. The remote drive-up teller is a modernized pneumatic tube system that allows the customer to send their transactions through a tube to an actual teller two floors up. There really isn’t a lot of difference on how the customer will communicate with the teller; instead of corresponding through a window, the customer and teller will correspond through a two-way video system. The layout of the banking center had the drive-up teller on a different floor than the rest of the employees which created challenges for both staff and customers. Now with this change, there will be less wait time for the customers at the drive-up.  The customer’s reactions have been quite positive with only a few concerns such as, “will it replace jobs?”, and “I’m not good with modern technology.” No worries, the system was not installed to replace any employees and it is very simple to use. If any customer is needing assistance, any member of the staff is more than happy to assist them with their transactions.

Keitha Smith Branch Manager said, “We understand there will be customers who will choose to use our lobby rather than the new system and we welcome the opportunity to serve our customers in the ways that works best for them. On-line, In-person, on the phone through our 24-hour customer assistance center, or our new remote teller system.”