Sailor's Valentine: Sea Songs & Sweet-Hearts

Date: Wednesday, February 15th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Pembroke Library,  221 Old County Road, Pembroke

Cost: Free (Donations accepted)

 Sailors who manned tall ships loved to sing, and they loved women. Women ashore also loved to sing, often of the sailors for whose return they longed. Many traditional and historic songs of the sea and seaports expressed true and faithful love, while others told of sailors' lusting in distant ports, or of women who grew weary of living alone while their sailors were away. Some songs, like "The Daemon Lover's Return," are mystical. "The Dark-Eyed Sailor" tells of the reward of mutual faithfulness. "Serafina" offers a lusty look at relations in a distant port. "The Nantucket Girl's Song" presents the independence of women at home while their husbands were at sea. Altogether, these great old songs speak of the enduring complexities of men, women, and many kinds of love.

You're invited to hear and sing along with "From Away Downeast," America's Easternmost Chantey Group. 


For more information call 207-726-4747 or 207-726-4745, or email