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Town News

Kathy Mekelburg

By the time you read this, January will be gone and it will be February.

Those celebrating birthdays this month are Matthew Ross on the 5th, Dyllan Fullertyon on the 16th, Ellie Mae Cox on the 17th, Zachary Gray-Kelly on the 20th, Arnie Hennequin on the 22nd, Chance Shelton on the 23rd, Brandon Warren on the 25th, Estelle Halloway on the 26.

The Robbinston Historical Society will be holding a Family Day and birthday celebration on February 18th from 1 - 4 pm. This is to celebrate Robbinston’s founding birthday 9 February 18, 1811). There will be an open house, history talk and other fun activities. Al Churchill will talk about Edward H. and Nathaniel J. Robbins and the town’s early history. If you’re new to town or missed the celebration in 2011, this should be informative and fun. Hope to see you there.

Get well soon to Joan Ross who fell on ice and hurt her shoulder. 


It was so mild on Sunday, my husband went for ride on his scooter.