Rep. Poliquin Refuses Exclusive Health Care Benefits Afforded to Members of Congress


Congressman Poliquin reaffirms his position on health care relief for Maine families

 Congressman Bruce Poliquin (ME-02) is formally announcing that since he was first sworn-in for his first term in office in January 2015 he has chosen not to accept the special congressional heath care benefits afforded to Members of Congress:

 “From day one in office, I chose not to accept the special congressional health care benefits and the Thrift Savings retirement benefits offered to Members of Congress that cost our taxpayers,” said Congressman Poliquin. “While other taxpaying citizens in Maine were being forced to make health care decisions for their families under ObamaCare, there is no way I could have accepted these exclusive perks.

 “I have long pushed for 14 free market solutions to parts of ObamaCare to be included in an alternative plan. In addition, I support common sense ObamaCare relief to include a ready transition to more affordable and accessible health insurance plans for those who have purchased ObamaCare policies in good faith.”

 Congressman Poliquin will not support a repeal that eliminates pre-existing coverage, stops the ability of young adults to remain on their parents’ plans until 26 or that immediately ends ObamaCare exchange policies. Congressman Poliquin could only vote for a repeal and replacement if the new plan conforms to these principles.