New Owners For Much Loved Jewelry Store

By Amy Jeanroy

Jayne Johnston (center) with new owners Tim Call and Danielle Smith. The store will be opening February 1. (Facebook photo).


The first day of February will be opening day for a new local jewelry store. The owners, Tim Call and Danielle Smith have been working nearly around the clock to put a new look on the former Kendall's, a widely loved business that had been a cornerstone of Main Street Calais since 1973. 

Previously employed at the store for five years, Danielle learned about the jewelry store business.

“At the end of a day, I could end up looking as if I were  a mechanic,” says Smith, referring to less glamorous time spent cleaning and repairing items. Not all of the jewelry business is working with customers and handling new merchandise.  

“There is so much that goes on behind the scenes a customer never sees, and Danielle has a special knack for it,” Tim says. She understands the business, and understands what the current trends are, the ins and outs of the jewelry world.” 

When someone shops at Rachel Ashley, they will get the same personal service they received with the old store. This type of service is a different experience for a first time customer. Many of the employees from Kendall's remain.  Danielle says “They are trained for jewelry. When someone comes through the door, the staff is trained to help them find that perfect piece; even if they don't know what they are looking for.”

One difference is the new name. “The change came because I wanted a fresh start,” says Danielle. “It's still going to be a fine jewelry store but it's going to be different from Kendall's. Rachel Ashley is my daughter's name. She is my gem, my diamond in the rough.”

With the same hours, and the same services like jewelry clubs and repair, Rachael Ashley is going to be the same in some ways and different in others, with the same high standards as Kendall's, but with a new look to reflect the new owners' vision.

Tim and Danielle say that they couldn't have done this big of a project without the help of all their family and friends. 

“Everyone has been so supportive, says Danielle. “People have stopped in to say that they have been loyal customers for years and will be coming back once we open. All of the businesses on Main Street have helped us. They have helped move things. They have fed us. I just love this community.”   

Some things are going to be different, but as Danielle and Tim stress, the wonderful things from Kendall's, the core concepts of service after the sale, will remain the same. 

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