Celebrate National School Choice Week

By Amy Jeanroy


From public classrooms to homeschool education, January 22-28th  marks a time to celebrate having the choice to educate children in any manner a parent chooses. 

National School Choice Week is an opportunity to take pause and consider how lucky we are in the US to have a choice for K-12 students. 

In the state of Maine, a parent can choose a traditional public school, public charter school, a magnet school, online academy, private school, and homeschooling. In some parts of the state, open-enrollment policies allow parents to select the best traditional public school, regardless of where the school is located. Maine also has a program allowing qualifying children in some cases to receive scholarships to attend private school. 

The organization's goal is to raise public awareness of effective education options for children. For more information about this annual event, and to find out more, visit: https://schoolchoiceweek.com/