2016 Down East Hospice Volunteers Quilt Winner

The winner for the 2016 Down East Hospice Volunteers quilt is Jean Mahar, formerly of Eastport, now residing at Washington Place in Calais.  Jean is a life long quilt maker herself and loved this quilt that she won.  It was made and donated by Brenda Lang of Skowhegan, ME and it is called - 'Hidden Hearts'.

Down East Hospice Volunteers raffles a beautiful quilt annually.  We are very grateful to all the quilt makers who have graciously created and donated quilts for DEHV each year. For more information about DEHV services, fund raising events or to become a hospice volunteer - 454-7521 ext. 126 or downeasthospice@yahoo.com or Facebook. (Submitted by Barbara Barnett / Director of Volunteers, Down East Hospice Volunteers of Washington County).