Linda Baniszeski


There are no birthdays that I am aware of for the balance of January.  The birthstone for January is Garnet and the flower is carnation.  For anyone celebrating a birthday or special anniversary event that I am not aware of -- congratulations and best wishes!  Everyone is invited to attend The Ascensions Concert at 2nd Baptist Church, Calais -- Saturday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m. 

 Welcome Jim and Lynn Howard who are new Meddybemps property owners.  They purchased a lakefront home near the end of Stone Road, which they and their family will enjoy year-round as a second residence.  Having lived on the lake for about 20 years -- 13 as people from away and the last seven as year-round -- Barry and I know that the Howards will create many lifelong memories with their children and grandchildren. 

 There isn’t much going on in our little hamlet this time of the year.  No real “hard news” at all.  However, life continues to go on in its lovely, lazy way with residents enjoying what the season has to offer.  

I have been told that the Huckins girls were out ice skating on the lake last Sunday with their two big dogs; and that they seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  As children my sisters, some cousins and I enjoyed ice skating on a poind at my grandfather’s Pennsylvania farm where my family lived.  We also scared the dickens out of my parents when we flew down a very long hill in our toboggin with more kids than it intended piled like cord wood.  A few kids were known to fly off and roll away in the snow when we hit bumps along the way ... while our mixed breed dogs, Sparky and Peppy, ran along side trying to keep up with us.

 A pickup truck was parked on the ice in our Meddybemps Lake cove Monday afternoon augering an opening for ice fishing.  Marc Reynolds visited his camp last weekend to check on things after the snow, rain and high winds.  All is well.  Due to the warmer temperatures last week, most of the accumulated snow has melted and our lanes are again quite clear and passable.  There are still patches of ice in some places along the roadways and on private drives.  Great care is always sensible during the winter in these parts.  

 Monday’s holiday celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr., and his accomplishments toward furthering civil rights in the United States.  He was born January 16, 1929; and the first Martin Luther King Day was celebrated January 20, 1986.  Also happening this week in 1967 was the first Super Bowl on January 15.  Many of us are old enough to remember that -- I can’t remember who played.  January 19, 1956  President Eisenhower approved his first televised news conference.  Now it’s so commonplace.  Showing my age, I can say I was around for all of the aforementioned except MLK’s date of birth.

 Many of us will be watching the Inauguration of our duly elected new President, Friday January 20.  In early times of our nation, citizens had to wait days and sometimes weeks, for news and maybe photos or illustrations of major national events. We are fortunate to see things for ourselves right from our homes as they unfold.  

 Please help me to keep Meddybemps News interesting and send some to or phone 454-3719.  Wildlife sightings, organization, family, personal news and generally interesting observations and information is very much welcomed and appreciated.